Ballgown Beautiful with Tiffany Designs

16256-ad-0490Tiffany Designs has always been known for beautiful ballgowns.  After all they made a name for themselves in the formal wear industry with a gorgeous flamingo strapless neckline ballgown with an overly embellished bodice designed with cup sequins and petite beading.  Then, there was the photo. A spectular image with the model sitting with the layers of tulle surrounding her and the sequins shimmering in the light.   Can you tell this gown and the image is ingrained in our memory as an all time favorite?

But back to the reality of the 2017 collection and its fabulous design elements.  Ballgowns have always been a prom and quinceañera staple.  The full flowing skirts with multiple layers of tulle and sparkling bodices conjurer up dreams of waltzing across the dance floor with all eyes on you.  So, that is what the Tiffany Designs prom and Quinceañera collection gives you, layers of tulle and shimmering embellishment with every gown.

16257-f-0208The ballgown is making a statement once again with the Tiffany Design team and the lead designer Liz Luo.  They are showing the beautiful look of the classic style but also creating two piece looks that show off the “fit” lifestyle that is on trend.  Add in vivid bright colors of pink, sapphire, and red along with those trendy pastels and your ultimate fairy tale look is created.

So, no matter if it is that next formal prom, pre-teen pageant gown or quinceañera  for which you are looking the Tiffany Designs collection or Quinceañera Collection from House of Wu has the gown.  Now, it is time get shopping before your favorite look from Tiffany is gone.


2 thoughts on “Ballgown Beautiful with Tiffany Designs

  1. Lucille Williams

    What is the price of this dress ? How long would it take for this dress to be shipped to Marks, MS?


    1. internationalprom -

      Which of the three ball gowns are you inquiring about the price?


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