Beauty and the Beast Inspired Prom Dresses and Madison James

Well, are you ready for the much anticipated premiere of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast?  Emma Watson has been busy walking the premier red carpet to promote the film and giving us much to strive for when it comes to prom fashion via “Belle.”


Since, Beauty and the Beast mania has swept the world why not let this classic tale be your inspiration for prom.  Yes, the return of the ball gown is so important for every soon to be princess. Yes, she wore yellow.  Yes, the rose was the perfect shade of red.  So yes of course, a yellow ballgown and red rose corsage would be the ultimate Belle look.  But let us stray from that slightly and look toward the Madison James Special Occasion collection for 2017 to find that updated Belle inspired look.

Okay, so red roses (we know they must be really red) are so important if you are a Beauty and the Beast fan. However,  go ahead and make the look a modern day interpretation of style.  The deep rich hues and oversized floral roses from Madison James can give you a gateway into the beauty of the enchanted rose.  Since, the iconic rose symbolizes the love between Belle and the Beast this darker look still relates to the “tale as old as time” without  having to go all fun and sunshine.


That always remembered dress from the beautiful waltz was and is still yellow but what about Belle’s dress throughout the movie?  Well, it was blue…just a simple nondramatic blue dress.  Perfect, let us make our princess look blue.  We suggest an a-line gown that is accented with beautiful floral appliques in a tonal color making this dress styling elegant yet in no way over-the-top.  After all, Belle was not a princess but an average girl with amazing dive and ambition who just happen to find a beautiful heart and soul in the Beast.

Wait, we never said do not go for a yellow dress and do we have the perfect updated look from Madison James in mind.  Yes, we believe this  modern day twist for Belle will be “it” with delicate lace and two piece ball gown for a striking appeal you will look gorgeous.  Oh dear, do not forget to add in a bouquet, corsage or single red rose to make a special Belle look that will be unforgettable.

Now, it is time to bring the classic much loved story to life with a Madison James dress, some gorgeous red roses, and a “Beast” prince of your choice that will make that “tale as old as time” complete.


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