The Ellie Wilde Designer Look

ew1170232Yes, you want a designer look that will be all you as well as unforgettable.  Then look no further, the styling of Ellie Wilde is just where you need to look for prom 2017.  With this new collection of designer formal prom dresses from Mon Cheri, head designer Evelyn has shown a young fun look can be chic, sophisticated, stylish as well as remembered.  Leaving you the feeling of just stepping off the red carpet runway is the top goal of the Ellie Wilde team.

With the promposal now a must that amazing prom dress and prom picture styling becomes ever more important to the prom experience.   With this being said the high fashion styling of Ellie Wilde goes from the renowned ball gown silhouette of a princess with on trend bold floral prints to the ultimate in formal designs with eye catching details that make stealing the spotlight easy for both the dance and those memorable pics.

ew117162-purple-00008Stop!  Don’t rule our those short dress looks.  These styles have the same magical appeal of a long prom dress.  Make them sassy with excessive personality in you pics.  But most of all accessorize to glam up or add extra personality with off the norm hues that make that Ellie Wilde short look show fashion your way.

Some may say the designs of the collection were fierce and stunning while others lean toward the fun and flirty side.  All we can say is your prom look will definitely be one for the yearbook.  So, make sure to go down in high school history as an all time best dressed look with Ellie Wilde for prom 2017.


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