Endless Originality with La Femme Fashion

You are already looking for originality when it comes to picking that prom look. Don’t get us wrong we know that you have a great sense of style but sometimes you just need to see those trending options before making a choice.  Well, believe us the La Femme Fashion collection for prom 2017 definitely has an endless amount of style inspiration and orginality.  From the iconic bell sleeve detail that can amaze those on lookers to a unique stud and bead embellishment that will make your friends give you an OMG look, the dresses from La Femme are “to die for” this year.

24162_nude_f3So, where shall we start?  How about the gorgeous sleeve detail you can make yours.  Of course, we are going to start with those oversized bell sleeves that are trending in all fashion genres.  This dramatic feel is one that will make you want to pose for those pics all night long.

Then, there is the must have in your closet, cold shoulder look.  Be it with long or short sleeves this fashionable style adds drama with every turn to your exceptional sense of style.

24116_ivory_fWhat ever you do though you can not forget the comeback trend of beading embellishment that makes those camera flashes light up the night sky.  La Femme designers have made sure you can walk your own personal red carpet with the glitter and glam of Hollywood.  These gorgeous glam inspired dresses give off a flawless look of sophistication that makes for the ultimate striking ensemble.  Throw in the fact of the studded bead that will add in another dimensional to your gown and you just arrived.

To finish up those looks that inspire your originality, we challenge you to add in a little bit of vegan leather to mix things up.  Whether you like a sleek over all look with edgy cuts or a just want to accent your favorite floral pattern the creation you desire is available for that up coming formal event.

Now, is your head spinning?  The La Femme Fashion prom 2017 collection does come together with its own dose of feminine flair.  While they are renowned for their simple styling with ladylike accents the edgy yet classic designs should already have you intrigued.  Well, now it is decision time for you to look for the prom dress that will wow them while making you say “I’m in Love!”


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