Fabulous Trends By Alyce Paris

Every Alyce Paris dress is graced with elegance and class; two of the most sought after elements for prom dresses.  Alyce Paris has a huge selection of high fashion dresses for this prom season, you do not want to miss out! With a plethora of styles and color options, Alyce is prepared to make you feel fabulous wherever you go!

The current Alyce Paris line is stocked full of gorgeous styles! They have a little something for everyone! Alyce designs some of the most gorgeous, yet simple dresses that we have seen! But, simple is not the only thing they are offering, some dresses are beaded and embellished to absolute perfection. Alyce Paris has so much to offer, so we decided to share a few of our favorites with you!

First off, we are suckers6830_front for a beautifully designed high low skirt! So, it’s no surprise that we love design 6830! This fabulous mikado dress is a black high-low that is complete with embroidery. You know we love that embroidery, too! The fit of this dress is absolutely stunning, the bodice is very form fitting and allows for a gorgeous silhouette. The embroidered bodice adds a pop of color to this black dress. The spring colors of red, yellow, green, and light purple make this dress so fun. Another great thing about embroidery is that it gives way for you to find some fabulous matching jewelry. With this black dress you could go all kinds of crazy and wear red earrings, or any of the other colors. You could have so much fun with this playful dress!

If you are looking for something a little more sparkly, Alyce has you covered, too! Mermaid styles are a huge hit this year, and that trend will not be fading anytime soon! Many are sleek sweethearts or high neck halters; they are always embellished to perfection.  Just look at 6745 and you will see what we are talking about!

Some of Alyce Paris’s main staples are their simplistic dresses. These are the gowns that are a solid hue, and do not have a ton of beading. Thesealyce-paris-6809-burgundy dresses are all about the way you wear it and the color. Style 6809 is a trendy two-piece and it comes in some of the hottest colors for prom 2017. You are probably wondering what colors? Well, they are sapphire, burgundy, and diamond white. Burgundy has been in such a high demand this year and the deep hue’s popularity is continuing to rise.Sapphire has also been a big deal for prom shoppers, as well as designers. We have seen tons of navy styles.

Alyce Paris has tons and tons of fabulous styles that will be perfect for any special occasion! Get to searching through their Prom 2017 catalog!



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