Fashion Forward and Sherri Hill Prom 2017

Sherri Hill has without a doubt become a household name worldwide over the past few years. Known for well-made, fashion-forward gowns, Sherri Hill is dominating the formal wear industry. Many manufacturers use a brand name that is different than that of their designer; but that is not the case with Sherri Hill. Hill designs her own gowns under her own name.


Sherri’s passion for fashion started at a young age. She worked in her family’s general store where she found a love for fabrics and dressing the storefront mannequins. As she grew older, this love never faded; she attended the University of Oklahoma and studied fashion design. While she was in college, her parents opened a few formal wear stores. This taught her a lot about the business. Her family business background really set the train in motion for Sherri Hill’s career in the formal industry.

Sherri Hill worked with various formal wear designers, fresh out of college. She worked as a designer for Jovani for twelve years. She actually helped Jovani launch their brand; how cool is that?!  Her popularity skyrocketed when she received recognition for numerous pageant gowns, including those worn by Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Universe winning contestants. In 2008, she left Jovani and set out to start her very own journey.

Sherri Hill’s formal wear brand officially debuted at New York Fashion Week in 2011. This same fashion show also sparkled Kendall Jenner’s runway career. Along with Kendall, Sherri Hill is worn by countless celebrities all around the world! Ever since this fabulous show in 2011, Sherri Hill’s popularity has taken off and has not slowed down yet!

Currently, Sherri’s designs are in over 800 stores and the demand for her gowns are unmatched. The fashion-forward designs that Sherri Hill creates are those unlike any other designer. You can tell almost immediately if a dress is a Sherri Hill; they are always well-made and have particular aspects that are staples of Sherri, herself. The popularity of Sherri Hill dresses has only increased as time progresses; I really do not see that changing anytime soon!

Sherri Hill has a career that most of us only see in our dreams. Even just six years into her career with her very own brand, Hill’s career is already beyond impressive. Sherri’s unique style and trendy taste keeps her on top of the formal food chain. Sherri Hill gowns are popular not only with celebrities, but teenagers from all over the world, too; that is definitely the definition of success! Sherri Hill is a true talent in the formal industry; her designs will be in high demand for decades to come!

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