Find the beYOUty in You

It's the little things in life #beyoutySaying beauty is more than skin deep is one idea but actually showing that concept is harder than most realize.  Our society can be cruel when it comes to the unrealistic standards of beauty and emphasis on the outer layers, due to this International Prom Association and our retailers are continuing with our movement to empower you with beYOUty.

It should go without saying that true beauty should start from within, after all being a kind and loving person is much more than having that “pretty face” that society has made so prevalent now with social channels and their continuous posts.   Allowing outer beauty, not inner beauty, to get the majority of attention can only make teenagers as well as adults stress even more about others perception of their physical appearance.  Now, let’s shake things up and show our beYOUty in all ways no matter what we are doing.  Now is the time to stand up, look in the mirror and say “I am beautiful” as I Am!  Just remember always be YOU, simply gorgeous!

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