Getting the Perfect Prom Look – The Prom Tuxedo

Over the past few weeks, prom tuxedo rentals have taken center stage. Much has been discussed this year about either to match, not to match, long tie, bow tie, and so forth. However, what seems to have been missing is your prom style.

Yes, we at International Prom feel that a tuxedo is a must for such a formal occasion as prom but options are endless for the creation of your look. Whether you lean toward the tuxedo suit in black, white, charcoal/grey, or truffle starting your look may be easy but after that the options become endless.

A few key elements that you need to consider to make the look all yours: do you want a bow tie or a “long” tie, a vest or a cummerbund, an extra splash of color with a pocket square, a top hat or cane as you can see the options continue as you start to customize “your” style. Then do you match, complement, or go completely opposite in your color choice for the accessories. (Wow, that seems like a lot!)

Girls will say they want you to match but we have seen this trend move toward compliment. This allows for that younger prom look. Just remember that you should compliment and highlight her and her dress not overwhelm them.

Your choices may be endless but still choose wisely and your entrance will be talked about for years to come.

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