Glancing at Alyce Paris with a Creative Mind

Just by glancing at Alyce, you can tell that there has to be a mastermind designer behind the brand. Well, brilliant designs must run in the family! Chief Operating Officer, Claudine Hamm is currently the head of Alyce Paris, but it has not always been this way.  Claudine inherited the company through her relatives before her. Originally, Alyce Hamm started the brand with her brother, Jean-Paul Hamm in 1967. Eventually, the company was handed down to Claudine, the niece of the talented French born designer Alyce.  Today, she serves as the Chief Operating Officer, Creative Director, as well as Principal Designer, while her father Jean-Paul is CEO.

6715_frontAlyce herself always dreamed of having her company be internationally known, and successful. She had made the Alyce Designs company very successful by the time of her death at age 84 in January 2015.  Claudine continuously strives to make her family’s company increase in brand recognition and success in all parts of the world.  She has been very successful during her time as COO, and will continue doing so through innovative yet classic styling in which the company is known .  She has been expected to carry on the tradition and success of the company, which she has achieved beautifully.  Alyce Paris is as popular as ever and is excelling at great measures with beautiful fluid designs and new exceptional photography.

Claudine is not just in charge of the business and paperwork side of the company, she also contributes a lot of her time to designs. She serves as the Creative Director and the Principal Designer, so she is very involved in the design process. A few years ago, she released her own collection called “Claudine by Alyce Paris”. This collection was full of energy, flare and fun, just like Claudine herself.  Now, incorporating the Claudine label into the Alyce Paris collection we see these fantastic characteristics in all of Alyce Paris’ dresses today. Alyce Paris mixes in all kinds of styles to appeal to all shoppers. This lady is a truly crucial asset to the formal wear industry.

We are excited to see the new innovative looks from Alyce Paris and Claudine in the coming years.  After all, the world traveler that Claudine is will make future designer collections edgy and fun just like her!


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