International Promise Foundation

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International Promise Foundation was created by International Prom Association as a means of giving back to the top of mind concerns of the formal wear industries’ social audience.  Members of the International Promise Foundation organization are committed to playing a key role in forming and strengthening the communities they serve, as well as, promote and give back to the youth that is the future of each members area.

Over the past five phenomenal years of charitable influence the main focus of International Promise Foundation contribution and impact have been centered on bullying and the ability to just be yourself, beYOUty!  From the support of the teen family members of troops to promoting a safer atmosphere for our schools and neighborhoods,  International Promise strives to work together for a positive impact on the world around us.

Our mission is to educate teens to “Love who you are! Always be you!  There is nothing more beautiful!”  through multiple touch points during their ever changing socially engaged lives.