Innovative Embellishments From Madison James

Bridal designer, Madison James, has expanded their brand to include a special occasion line. Madison James has designed the most gorgeous dresses this prom season and you have to check them out! Madison James, like other designers, houses tons of different styles and shapes in their collection. Among the many mermaids, ball gowns, and a-line dresses, you are sure to find something fabulous with17-222f-pink Madison James!

We all love floral designs, but instead of the solid skirt printed with various floral patterns, Madison James did something a little different. On style #17-222, you can see a subtle floral design across the top and skirt. Madison James used textured taffeta fabric on this dress to add texture and pattern to the dress, without having to use a print. This is one of our favorite Madison James dresses because it is so different! This particular style comes in a blue color they refer to as “water” and pink. Both of these hues go great with the textured fabric; both of those components makes this dress so much fun!

This same design technique is used on style #17-221. The textured taffeta fabric looks amazing on this strapless mermaid. The beaded belt across the bodice makes for an even slimmer looking waist and really adds a little sparkle to the gown. The back of this dress is one you do not want to miss! The back has a cutout to expose the mid-back and is complete with a ruffle down the back. Everything about this dress is stunning! The detailing and style of this glamorous dress makes it perfect for prom!17-221f-blackpurple17-221b

Madison James uses taffeta perfectly once again with style 17-244. This time, they used glitter taffeta for the skirt and satin for the bodice. The rose pattern of the skirt is subtle, but also gives the dress fabulous detailing! The smooth satin bodice pairs perfectly with the textured skirt, this look is perfect in all aspects!

If you are wanting a pattern, but do not want to go over the top, one of these fabulous taffeta gowns by Madison James is just what you need. It’s the perfect balance of floral and patterns without being too busy. There are tons more styles that Madison James has to offer, so do not stop looking here!


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