Introducing the Lush by Jasz Couture Collection

Jasz Couture designs have always been all about the edgy feel of fashion.  To further show off the trendy styling of all over beading a new collection of designs were created full of sparkle and uniqueness that is Jasz.  The Lush Collection by Jasz is just that full throttled bling just in time to show up and show off a great sense of style.


Lush by Jasz is a group of dresses made for those who like to never leave home without a trail of glitter and sparkle following them.  With these dresses being either being full sequin or all over bead embellishment designs, one will never say the collection is to simple.  Major cut out detail can be found gracing the sides while an open back with detailed strapping will definitely captivate all those who follow.  To say the least simplistic designs are not part of this collection…over-the-top is what Lush is all about for that next formal.


So, make an unforgettable grand entrance in a breathtaking prom or formal dress covered in beads or sequins from the Lush by Jasz Couture collection.

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