Jovani and Those Fashion Forward Designs

Jovani is one of the top prom dress designers across the globe. Their fashion-forward designs mixed with their top quality fabrics makes them a go-to when it comes to shopping for prom, pageant, or any other special occasion. Every Jovani dress is crafted to perfection, which does not always mean a lot of embellishment.

40-39798-b-358-40780f-2When looking through Jovani’s spring 2017 collection, you will notice that quite a few of their dresses are not overly embellished. Many may not have a single bead or stone! A simplistic, yet very elegant dress design is a huge staple of Jovani. Jovani focuses most of their attention on fit, and how to compliment a girl’s figure. A fabulous example of this is style 47100. This sleek jersey dress is fitted all the way down until the skirt flares out. This dress does not have any embellishment on it, Jovani did so to allow for the fit to speak volumes for itself. Dresses such as this are all about the girl wearing the dress, not the dress wearing the girl. This phrase is often used for dresses that over power the girl, which is not what we want!

With Jovani, often times we see well-crafted dresses that are so expertly styled, that embellishment is not needed. Yes, Jovani has lots of beaded dresses, but their staple is definitely the more simple dresses. The fit and detail of the design itself is all these Jovani dresses need. Jovani designers really implement the saying “less is more”.

While Jovani has many dresses on the more simple but elegant side, they have tons of gowns that are adorned with beading, stones, lace and more. The simplistic designs are just one of Jovani’s main staples. Jovani’s team of designers is one of the best in the business; they are able to create tons of diverse styles that help them to appeal to all shoppers.

So, no matter what your personal taste, or prom dress desires, Jovani has a look that you will love!

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