Lipstick Shades That Will Have You Fall-ing

It’s that time of year again when everything turns to pumpkin spice and we finally get to break out our favorite sweaters. Yes, of course, it’s fall! As the leaves start to fade into rich autumn hues, your lipstick can also change with the beloved season. When a new season rolls around, every woman sets out to find the perfect shade of lip color. This fall we are seeing new tones that we did not expect at all, but they are stunning! These colors are the perfect fall shades that will complete every look you go for, beautifully. Some of the fall favorites for 2016 are as follows:

Deep Red


Red lips always make a statement; this deep red is just enough color to add a sense of bold glamour to every look. This gorgeous lip color will send any fall or winter look over the top!



Plum ultimately gained its popularity last fall; good news, its back and here to stay! Plum is THE lip color this season. This hue will be your go-to when you are applying your lip color. This fierce shade may be a bit dark for some, so if that’s you, you could go for a lighter ton to soften up your look. For the deep, fierce color, try MAC’s Rebel, it is a nice medium plum and it is one of their satin lipsticks so your lips will be equally sparkly as they are stunning.



I know what you’re thinking, nude lips mean no lips. This is not the case at all; there are tons of shades and types of nude hues. For starters, adding a little bit more coral into your nude lipstick can create a little more contrast between your lips and your skin. Marc Jacobs’ No Angel- Apricot Nude is a perfect example that is swayed more towards the coral side, but it still stays in the nude category. Or, if you prefer more of a pink tone, there is Viva Glam II from MAC that gives you sparkle, as well as a little splash of rose pink. So, don’t write nude as the useless lip color, it will complement every look, no matter how dressy.



Hot chocolate and coffee are not the only things cocoa this season; it can be your lipstick, too! The Sephora Collection gives us Cinnamon Crush, while Too Faced shows the darker side with Chocolate Milkshake. Cocoa is a softer shade of brown or tan that can go with everything in your fall wardrobe. Cocoa has a very wide scale; from light, almost nude, to very dark, deeper brown. This range of shades encourages you to explore and find your color!

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