Pageant Perfection From Panoply

Known for their elegant and upscale gowns, Panoply has become a go-to for any pageant need. This year Panoply has taken off in the pageant industry, drawing many girls in their direction.

panoply-44296Panoply has equipped their dresses with rich detailing and dramatic silhouettes to be impeccable for the stage. On stage these gowns shimmer and shine, but do not overshadow the gorgeousness of the contestant. These gowns are irreplaceable in the hearts of these competing women.

Pageant perfect has become the phrase attached to Panoply and everyone loves it! Panoply has formulated the most exquisite gowns to steal any show. These gowns are graced with class and sophisticated glamour that every pageant queen longs for.

Panoply ultimately took off after the 2016 Miss America pageant. Miss Georgia, Betty Cantrell, stunned the crowd in her two-piece, white and turquoise Panoply gown. Stepping outside the box, Cantrell fell in love with style 44284, which had off-the-shoulder sleeves and just the right amount of embellishments to keep the sophistication level high.14793-f-0104 Betty Cantrell was crowned Miss America 2016 in this glamorous evening gown; this win sparked the Panoply trend in the pageant world. This win is the perfect example of stepping outside the typical styles and capturing the attention of the audience in an elegant way.

The variety of styles that Panoply presents gives a wide range of gowns to choose from. There is not a set style that girls wear in pageants, so the choice is up to you! Panoply has crafted gorgeous form-fitting gowns that are greatly sought after by pageant goers. While this may be a popular one, Panoply has a plethora of dresses that allow you to step outside the box and wow those pageant judges! Get to searching and let Panoply help you to take the crown you’re after!

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