Patterned Perfection With Tiffany Designs

Many designers excel in prints, some excel in color coordinating, but Tiffany Designs is killing the game when it comes to fit. While the Tiffany designers are exceptional at all of these tasks, their knowledge of fit and how to accentuate a girl’s figure is a trait that is unmatched. In the current line by Tiffany Designs, we see tons of dresses with a wide waistband. This detail cinches the waist, creating an illusion of a more slender torso, as well as longer legs. The fit of Tiffany dresses are something that girls are going crazy over!  It is perfection!

Along wit16219-f-0049h the fit, Tiffany has some dresses that are really standing out to us; you have to see them for yourself! Tiffany is known for producing the most fashion-forward, yet elegant dresses and this season is no different! Throughout this past year, the popularity of the color gunmetal, a dark gray color, has skyrocketed. We are loving this neutral hue! So, it’s no surprise when we tell you that one of our favorite Tiffany dresses is in this fabulous gunmetal color. Style 16219 is an a-line gown with off the shoulder sleeves. The waist is accented with the Tiffany staple, the accented band. This stunning pleated skirt cascades out and is brightened up by floral patterns across the bottom. The color combination on this dress is so gorgeous!

Another innovative design by Tiffany is the incorporation of stripes. We always see floral patterns, but these stripes are really stealing the spotlight. Style 16216 takes a spin on the classic black dress look. The black and white str16210-f-0243iped skirt allows you to have that sophisticated look, the stripes just add a little flare! Show up to prom in this two-piece stunner and let the vertical stripes have all eye on you and your gorgeous gown! If vertical stripes are not your thing, Tiffany has some designs with horizontal stripes, too. Style 16210 has the most captivating color combination; you are going to love it! This two-piece a-line has large horizontal stripes across the skirt. These stripes create a color-block type look. The deep purple, soft pink, and black make for a perfectly crafted look. Another great thing is that all of these colors on one dress would let you have so many options for your date!

Tiffany Designs has some of the most gorgeously fresh looks of the season. I will not spoil all the fun for you, you have to go check out Tiffany for yourself!

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