Studio 17 12646 Print

Patterns Galore with Studio 17 Prom

Patterns galore with Studio 17 Prom…no not just patterns but designs you love!  Studio 17 Prom division from House of Wu strives to create a look that fulfills every girl’s wildest prom dreams. With this year’s line, they achieve this goal with flying colors! Using a variety of patterns, styles, and colors can only make the Studio 17 collection a got to have group of dresses no matter what your personal taste may be.

Studio 17 12620Normally, when you think of patterns on formal gowns, you think florals. Well, florals are a large portion of this new collection, but Studio 17 introduces new kinds of patterns and ways to incorporate them. One two-piece dress has a simple, red top with a black a-line ball gown skirt, embellished with red hearts. Hearts are not usually a pattern that we see but it is making a big splash! Florals are normally seen on skirts and they cover the entire skirt; Studio 17 has designed dresses where the floral-type pattern is only located towards the bottom of the skirt. This design provides for a gorgeous dress to be seen and not be over powered by floral, but also is given a nice flare with the floral. Watercolor print is also on the rise of popularity. It is a softer version of a pattern that allows multiple colors to be used at once. Patterns have the “it” factor this year, so start searching for your perfect, patterned look with Studio 17!


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