Prom Hair Styles are Trending

Every year brings new trends in fashion, makeup, and of course, hair. Hair trends are an endless cycle of a few different fabulous styles. Sleek straight hair is back and better in 2017; this classic look is coming in full force! Glossy, silky hair parted right down the middle is a huge trend for hair this year. The captivating straight look works best if your hair looks healthy. So, do not go frying your hair to get this look. Make sure to mist some heat protectant on before trying this look! Another look that is growing is one we have seen on celebs like the Kardashians, Rihanna, and many more; ultra long extensions. These can be straight or slightly curled, either way is fabulous and adds length and volume to your hair! What a win, win!

If you are not crazy about straight hair, you can jazz it up some and rock some flat waves. No curling iron needed, just grab your straightener! Using your flat iron to subtly wave your hair, leaving the ends straight, gives you an effortless but gorgeous look! A hairstyle like this gives your hair some volume and texture without having tight bouncy curls.

Hair up with bangs (1)Have you ever heard of the “shag” hairstyle? Well, the shag cut is a shoulder length cut, that is usually wavy and is complete with bangs. Yes, bangs are making a comeback, too! This effortless looking hairstyle exploded in 2016 and it is staying strong in 2017. This relaxed look has been worn by tons of stars at red carpet events already but keep an eye out for it at upcoming shows!

Slick it back and throw it up. Yes, you heard right! The high pony is fun and flirty! Whether you want subtle waves, or super straight, your hair will look fabulous in this sleek high pony. A hairstyle such as this gives the sense of elegance, while adding a bit of ease to your look. The high pony style is stunning and having your hair off your shoulders, really helps show off your outfit! Another bonus is that you will not be occupied by the worry of your hair not holding curl or it looking bad in photos. This hairstyle is fabulous and you have to try it!

bronde hair (1)Those are the go-to styles for 2017, but what are the trends when it comes to color?  Well, I have that for you, too! The color of the year is often referred to as “bronde”.  Sounds odd, I know; but just wait till you see it!  This sweet mix of blonde and golden brown is absolutely gorgeous!  The shade changes in various lighting which makes it even more fun.  If you typically gravitate towards warm tones, this could be the perfect hair color for you.  Since this color is trans formative, it can easily adapt to work with all skin tones.  Making this the perfect color for a prom transformation while making you so ready for going into summer.  So, call your hairstylist and get ready to change it up with this gorgeous color!

While these are just a few of our fav hair trends for 2017, these are also some of the most popular.  Looks like these will be all over the place this year so get ahead of the game! Try them out now for prom and see how you like them; they could become your go-to look!

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