Stunning Prints and Sherri Hill

During the last couple seasons, we have seen Sherri Hill produce stunning floral gowns. She made them in every style and color combination. We loved them ALL! Prom shoppers are still raving about those iconic florals; you may have thought Sherri was only about florals, but she has outdone herself once again! Sherri Hill’s current line showcases a variety of vintage prints. We loved Sherri’s florals, but these prints are so loved you will have to have one of them!

51097-white-1Throughout the line, you can see the plethora of gorgeous gowns. One thing we LOVE about these printed dresses is that no two of them are exactly alike. Sherri Hill changed the entire look of the print to make a new look for each dress color. Who knew it was possible to make so many different looks with one print?

A gorgeous ivory and blue print pattern was used to craft seven different looks; that is incredible! Each of these gowns are different in their own way and have been detailed to perfection! With this wide range of styles, you can have this blue/ivory print in whichever fit you love most! 

50796-yellow-1Along with the blue/ivory, is the vintage yellow print. Sherri Hill has designed at least four different dresses and this pattern. All of these vintage print dresses are made using the same fabric, but each one is gorgeously unique in its own way from silhouette, neckline and length.

A pattern similar to the yellow can be seen in style 51200. This light green and soft blue mix is so stunning! The same fabulous coloring is used on style 51204; these soft pastels are gorgeous, especially for spring proms!

All of these prints have set Sherri Hill apart from her competition. She is definitely dominating the world of prints, these dresses sure prove that! If you are looking to make a splash at prom and stand out in the crowd, one of these prints is exactly what you need!


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