The Foliage of Feathers

Jovani 3509

Add that little something extra to your style, feathers are a great way to stand out in the crowd. Go more subtle for trendy elegance by having peacock feather follow the strap of your dress or go over the top with a skirt of ostrich feathers dyed to complement your look. This fun, flirty short dress (Jovani 3509) could make you the life of the party! Or, maybe go with a elegant long dress to captivate on lookers as you make your entrance. The colors available are endless so making you stand out depends on your favorite hue. Just want the accent, peacock feathers are perfect for showing off the styling you desire. Just remember this year feathers could be the extra edge of design for which you are looking.

One thought on “The Foliage of Feathers

  1. kaitlain devin

    I want this one.


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