Visionary Designs of Val Stefani

Val Stefani has taken their vast knowledge of beautiful bridal gown design using it to create gorgeous visionary prom and formal dresses. They fully support the claim that prom is one of the most memorable and special occasions for the teen shopper.  Striving to create the most glamorous looks for proms and formal events is the Val Stefani design teams goal.

3053rk_c2It is so amazing that after twenty-plus years in this industry, Val Stefani still produces very innovative designs. Their design team has a diverse demographic to help them create trendy dresses, all while maintaining their traditional way of manufacturing.

A wide variety of styles is something that every designer tries to do, but Val Stefani does this exceptionally well! Mermaids, two-pieces, straights, a-lines, shorts; you name it, Val Stefani has it! In addition to the different styles, they also use a large range of high-end fabrics to ensure that their gowns are of top quality. Val Stefani designs their gowns with high quality fabrics to ensure that you are getting your “money’s worth” with that VS dress!

3054rx_cFemininity and fierceness grace every Val Stefani look. They work endlessly to help every girl feel beautiful at their special event. Perfecting every look by adding multiple embellishments whether shimmering lace or over-the-top beadwork, add in beautifully crafted ornate lace details and the exceptional design aspects begin to show even more.  Don’t forget adding a touch of sparkle to the gowns without excessive beading through shimmering lace or delicate petite beading and Val Stefani makes every classic look a little more over the top in for that level of entrance making glamour you desire. Sequins are also a popular embellishment with some dresses being adorned with sequins from head to toe.  Val Stefani uses multiple beading to establish patterns, embellish bodices, and to add gorgeous detail to their dresses.

Val Stefani dresses are always crafted to perfection. These fashion-forward gowns are ready to make you feel absolutely beautiful at your next special formal event. Val Stefani’s head turning designs are ready for you, so get to searching and pick out your dream dress!

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