Zoey Grey and Fabulous Embellishments

Zoey Grey is taking the formal world by storm with their fresh new approach to design. Their entire Spring 2017 collection is packed full of fabulous dresses! In the line, there are a few different details and design techniques that we have seen Zoey Grey make their own.

30814a30819aFor starters, if you are a lover of lace, Zoey Grey is the designer to turn to! There are tons of dresses in their collection that are entirely lace or incorporate it somehow. 30814 is a STUNNING look that will definitely turn heads your way. The intricate detailing of the lace gives the dress a perfect amount of detail without having over-the-top sparkle. This dress has a sheer overlay that goes over the short skirt. Another fabulous style to check out is 30819; it is entirely covered in lavish lace. This mermaid is sleek and bursting with elegance. And guess what? It has lace sleeves! Lace long sleeves are one of the most sought after aspects in a dress and we can totally see why! These dresses, along with countless others are accented with Zoey Grey’s gorgeous lace and they are to die for!

Bea30806ading is something that every designer does differently. The possibilities with these colorful beads and glistening stones are endless! Zoey Grey showcases their expert knowledge of beading and design in their current line. These bead patterns are so fresh and so stunning; you do not want to miss out! 30801 is a two piece mermaid with a bodice that is entirely beaded, as well the skirt’s waistband. On this dress, Zoey Grey uses the same pink tones as the skirt as well as stones that are gunmetal gray to perfectly embellish the dress. The intricate beadwork on this dress is unlike anything we have ever seen. The beading on 30806 is another one that blew us away. This strapless sweetheart is anything but ordinary. Zoey Gray’s use of beading on this dress creates an exquisite pattern across the bodice. Teal/light blue beads are sprinkled throughout the neutral toned beads to really lighten up this sleek black dress. Beadwork is a design technique that is not a strong suit of every designer. Luckily, one of our favorites, Zoey Grey, is an expert in the art. After all, beadwork makes the dream work!

See all of the gorgeous Zoey Grey trends for yourself in their Spring 2017 prom collection! You will be head over heels for them all!

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