Add a Little Leather with Madison James

Yes, we said add a little leather to your prom look!  Vegan leather was introduced last year but for prom 2018 the trend has changed to be more of an accent fabric through being laser cut into a floral lace pattern that leaves the style to have both shine and dimension without multiple layers of fabrics.

Madison James 18-654F-Wine Madison James 18-655-BC Madison James 18-653F-IvoryThis design technique allows for a dimensional look that your will gravitate toward.  You may say this has a softening effect on the “biker” look of leather, and you are right the details are so feminine.  Madison James took the cut floral lace pattern and added it to all our favorite silhouettes and even gave it color!

Let’s start with the adding of color! When we think of leather or vegan leather the color black always comes to mind.  But white leather will be the furthest from the mind.  However, do not question it because it is absolutely breathtaking!  Add in the trendy color of this prom year, burgundy (wine, merlot, marrón, and the list goes on) and you have a color palette of rich dimensional looks that prom shoppers have been craving.

Finish up the “little bit of leather” collection with fabrics and designs that are as diverse as the colors.  From the traditional satin ball gown, soft and flowing chiffon or sleek and sexy jersey the options for an overwhelming trendsetting look are now available.

So, have you found your look for prom 2018? Or did we just intrigue you more with more options. The time is now to look toward your authorized International Prom Association retailer for a look that not only will leave them speechless but also show off the style that you have come to embrace as “your look!”


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