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How Amazing Can La Femme Get

La Femme is known for dresses that have perfect fits, stunning silhouettes, and just the right amount of sparkle that we all want!  These fashionable dresses have showcased the trends that we all recognize and love.  At Formal Fashion Week in Atlanta, presented by International Prom Association, La Femme blew us away with the preview of the Spring 2018 collection.  The La Femme 2018 collection showcased dresses that were filled with flattering contour lines, alluring sparkles, and stunning fabrics.

LA Femme 25032We never have to worry about being disappointed by La Femme, they always bring their a-game! One of the most desirable aspects of these glamorous gowns is the fit. They are made to compliment your figure and to make you feel fabulous! This collection specializes in a variety of dresses ranging from formal prom gowns to wedding attire. The variety of styles gives you a stunning plethora of options. So, no matter what event you are attending, La Femme has a dress for you! If you love to sparkle and glisten in the sunlight, they have a sequinned number for you! Or if you would rather have a more simplistic look, La Femme is fully equipped with perfect fits that are sure to turn heads! The La Femme Spring 2018 collection consists of gowns that are made with sensational fabrics such as shimmering velvet, classy lace, and even edgy leather!

la-femme-25170_plum_f-images-102cxVelvet dresses give you that little bit of sparkle with its shimmering texture. This fabulous velvet trend has really taken off this season and it will not be going out of style anytime soon! There are so many different velvet styles, and they are all stunning! The best thing about this fabric is that all the embellishment you need is already there! Velvet has a natural subtle shimmer that makes these dresses really stand out in a crowd! So, no need to worry about any stones or beads coming loose, all the sparkle you need is already there. Win, win!

The lace gowns are designed to make you look elegant and chic. There is so much you can do with lace and it always gives you a sophisticated elegant look! Whether it is fully lace, long lace sleeves, lace accents or just a lace crop, you are sure to look amazing! La Femme has always been a front-runner with their lace designs and the spring prom 2018 collection will be the same!  Oh, just wait until the line is released…it’s amazing!

The leather has that added feeling of sass with a touch of edge. Leather trends are growing so fast and you do not want to miss out on it! Pick out your favorite leather style from La Femme and get ready to have all eyes on you! These trendy gowns give you a fun, flirty, on trend look that cannot be matched!

The sequins and sparkles featured on these gowns are perfect for the spotlight, giving you a shimmer that is eye-catching! With the 2018 La Femme collection, you are sure to get everything you have ever wanted in your gown, no matter the occasion!


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