Be Blown Away with Rachel Allan

rachel-allan-7501No matter what you are daydreaming about for prom, Rachel Allan is sure to blow you away!

The new spring 2017 collection for prom and pageant radiates with freshness and is not like anything we have ever seen. These Rachel Allan collections are dazzling and will definitely have all eyes on you when you rock your go to look at prom! Rachel Allan has brought it all to the table with these new creations; halters, mermaids, beads galore, ball gowns, it is all here! These show-stopping masterpieces are going to be the talk of the prom industry this season, so go ahead and get ahead of the game! You will be head over heels for these gowns, no doubt!

rachel-allan-7609Usually, we see beading across the bodice or towards the top of dresses; this is not entirely the case with Rachel Allan this season. The new beading design they use is to die for! The intricate placement of these beads creates an array of gorgeous designs and patterns. The catch here is that the beading is located on the skirt of the dress, instead of the stop or bodice. This technique creates breath-taking gowns that are nothing like anything we have seen before. Along with the skirt beading, some dresses still have the desired beaded bodices which are also so gorgeous! Beads are definitely a huge asset for Rachel Allan, we cannot get enough of them!

Mermaid, high-low, ruffled chiffon, layered ruffles, A-line, ball gown skirts have all been beautifully crafted in this stunning new collection. High-low is a style we do not see quite as often as the others but they are just as gorgeous! Rachel Allan has put a new spin on high-lows; the change in length is not as drastic which creates a unique, ravishing look. Be the first to wear a high-low at prom and stand out in the crowd!

Now have you decided?  We did not think so.  So, know it is time to find your Rachel Allan look.  Let’s get shopping!

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