Blue Prom Dresses – The Color of the Week

Is it royal, turquoise, navy, or aqua? Whatever you call your favorite shade, the color of the week is blue. An overwhelming “favorite color”, blue is viewed as a stable, calming hue that evokes an engaging and dynamic effect. The latest trend of rich, deep color has ignited the classic shades of royal and navy moving them to the forefront of the prom palette. With the heavy embellishment of today’s prom styling these rich colors set forth a couture prom look that many desire. So, whatever your favorite shade, the youthfulness of turquoise, the calming peace of ocean or sky, or the exhilaration of royal, blue may just be the color you look to for that extravagant entrance making prom style.

2 thoughts on “Blue Prom Dresses – The Color of the Week

  1. Isabella Camp

    Love you weekly color features! The tranquility of aquas and blues make them two of the most flattering colors for a wide range of skin tones.


  2. christina

    How much is thia dresss


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