Classic or Elegance with Faviana Prom

faviana-7929_2_blackredLooking for a dress that says, “classic” or “elegance”?  Faviana definitely has everything you could possibly need, want, or desire to complete that prom, pageant or formal look.

Faviana’s 2017 collection is sure to set the precedence of classy. This new collection is flooding with gowns in deep reds and blues, neutrals, dark purples, florals, lots of turquoise.  No matter the color scheme you are going for, it can be found in Faviana’s new spring prom collection.  Many of these new looks are simple yet striking and sophisticated.

The color scheme that Faviana has chosen to use for most of this line, are not the typical bright, neon hues that we often see. These dresses are in colors such as white, burgundy, royal blue, red, and of course black. These dramatic hues make for a more mature look for your next formal event.  These are perfect colors for the season since the darker, more classic colors are very trendy right now.

faviana-7910_3_ivoryIn addition to these mature, classic colors, Faviana tosses in some gowns in those radiant shades of turquoise, fuchsia, coral, and aqua. The extremely popular color of pale pink has been crafted beautifully to produce gowns that are perfect for all events. Every girl tries to start shopping by picking out a color to wear, so Faviana has made it that much simpler for you, they have anything and everything you could need for your special occasion.

Faviana also has a wide range of short dresses to ensure you have the perfect outfit for your next event. These short dresses are to die for! The use of lace and cutouts have transformed the world of short gowns to sky rocket their popularity. Short dresses are often categorized as being not as formal, but with the perfect look, a short dress is all you need!

With all of this in mind, get to dress shopping and let Faviana help you explore all of the options. The possibilities with this top prom designer are endless!

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