Elegant Capes and Embroidery From Jovani

Jovani always designs the most fashion-forward gowns. Jovani is known for their elegant styles that make a big statement. The new fall 2017 collection is full of gorgeous gowns that will be perfect for those special events you have coming up. The fall season is fast approaching so it is time to start your search for the perfect gown! This new collection from Jovani has a plethora of different styles, so there is a little something for everyone!

46031dThe use of capes on formal gowns has grown tremendously. Capes add extra embellishment, while creating a more dramatic look. Think of all of the amazing pictures you can take with a cape! How fun is that?! You may be curious what a cape on a formal style looks like, so look at Jovani’s 46031. This is a plunge neckline, fitted jumpsuit with a cape cascading down from the shoulders to mid-calf. This is such a glamorous look; and it is perfect for formal fall events! 42801 is entirely lace with a chiffon floor-length cape. The cape really adds to this fitted silhouette, this dress is really captivating! On a brighter note, style 45714 is a red hot sleek gown. This dress is complete with a high slit, one sleeve, and a chiffon cape. This one is a must see!

While Jovani has multiple looks with capes in this fall line, they also feature tons of other trendy elements such as directional beading and embroidery. 37545 is a black fitted gown and it is so edgy! The entire dress is adorned with beading and complete with sheer sleeves and back detailing with the embellished pattern. The edgy feel of the prom or pageant dresses creates an all around unique look.

11-48985Embroidery also makes a huge splash in the Jovani fall line. Embroidery is used in so many different ways, so the possibilities are endless! One of our favorite dresses from Jovani’s fall collection is 48985. This gown has the perfect mix of all the best fall hues. This black background gown is embellished with floral embroidery. The embroidered floral patterns are in shades of red, and yellow gold tones. These two shades are accompanied by green leaves to create a perfect balance of color. This combination of colors is such a great mix for the fall season. It is not too bright, but not too dark. This gown has the perfect balance!

Jovani gowns are always top notch and they are always expertly designed. This new collection has tons of fresh styles that you will love! Get to searching through this line to pick your favorites and find that perfect look for your upcoming events!


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