Featuring Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

The stage was once again set for the 66th Miss Universe Pageant…and the winner was Miss South Africa Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters!  And yes, she was gorgeous!

Sherri Hill Opening dresses Miss Universe 2017But let us start with those glittering sparkle looks that took the stage for the opening number, of course they were Sherri Hill!  Did you recognize them?  We did!  These dimensional sequin cocktail dresses brought and air of fun to the entrance of the 93 world beauties.  Add in a velvet tuxedo jacket for host Steve Harvey and the fashion of the pageant was as much center stage as the “pageantry” that is the competition of the pageant world itself!

So, were you watching for the behind the scenes story of the contestants?  Or were you wondering what political statement would be made during the interview? Then maybe you just wanted to see if Steve Harvey made another “oh no” mistake?  There really are so many reason to watch but we know what the inner fashionista in you really wanted…the evening gowns!

miss-universe-top 5 2017

To say this was a diverse group of gowns is an understatement!  The 2017 Miss Universe contestants took the stage in a wide range of evening gowns and they were all stunning! The array of hues, styles, and detailing on the dresses made each woman stand out in their own way. We love the evening gown portion of the competition, of course! We love seeing each woman look and feel gorgeous in a gown that really shows off her personal style! The Miss Universe 2017 pageant did not disappoint, every contestant was flawless!

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