Fresh Florals from Madison James

Nowadays, we hear about floral prom dresses nonstop; sometimes it feels like a never ending conversation. Just when I thought I was over seeing floral prom dresses, Madison James changed my mind. Madison James current collection houses so of the most vibrant looks I have17-296s seen yet. These dresses are overwhelmingly fabulous!

These florals do not look just like all the rest. They are so fresh and so much fun; you have to see them all! Madison James really mixes it up with 17-295. This floral ball gown has a more dramatic vibe, but it is utterly gorgeous! The sweetheart black bodice paired with the royal blue printed skirt is a look that is unmatched. This same print can be seen on style 17-296. This is a two piece style with a lace crop top, paired with the same fabulous skirt. This print is unlike anything we have ever seen. I must say, it has made its way towards the top of my favorites list!

Okay, let’s brighten it up a bit. 17-288 is the PERFECT spring time gown. This radiant white ball gown is embellished with fabulous pink and purple orchids. This cascading floral pattern is so bright and fun, it really will catch every eye! And, you could pick some awesome bright colored jewelry to match! What a win! The orchids return on 17-289, but this time in mermaid form. This gown has a navy bodice with a plunging neckline. The pink and purple orchids look fabulous with the navy background and bodice!

17-283sMadison James really channels the “flower child” vibe with 17-283. This crop set has a halter top that is entirely beaded. The top is paired with a satin skirt printed to luminous pink floral designs. The skirt is also accented with a high slit. This dress really does have it all! A look like this will definitely have all eyes on you, wherever you go!

If you are looking to wear floral in a more subtle way, style 17-286 is the perfect dress for you! This tulle a-line is embellished with simple floral patterns across the bodice. This dress is definitely the ideal summer formal gown.

No matter what kind of floral or even what kind of dress you are dreaming of wearing, Madison James has something you will love! These Madison James florals really revived our love for florals. They are just so vibrant and fun, how could you not be
head over heels for them?!

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