Revealing the Glamour with Panoply

Once again we expect only stunning styling from Panoply designer, Jay Reynolds!  And, once again he has revealed unbelievable glamour! Panoply has always featured graceful glamorous looks, and the new collection stays true to the tradition.  Panoply showcased the 2018 Spring Collection at Formal Fashion Week in Atlanta, presented by International Prom Association, and it was simply sensational!  Previous collections have featured sophisticated designs, figure-flattering silhouettes, and shimmering sparkles! Jay Reynolds has always incorporated elegance into the gowns, and the 2018 Spring Collection does not disappoint!

Panoply’s formal dresses have always delivered designs featuring stunning silhouettes!  The 2018 Spring Collection showcased various silhouettes such as fit-and-flares, ball gowns, mermaids, and those sleek fitted shilouettes!  The new designs, however, have stepped up the embellishment for the upcoming season! (Check out these sneak peeks!) Jay Reynolds has certainly brought his a-game!

Panoply Sneek 4 Panoply Sneek 2 Panoply Sneek 1The gowns in the new prom and pageant collection present sparkles like you have never seen before!  The effect of elegant two-pieces combined with gleaming sparkles is breathtaking! While many other designers have changed the style and designs of various collections, Jay Reynolds has stayed true to his original styling techniques and roots.  Panoply designs pride themselves on high-quality gowns.  The new spring 2018 collection is no different!  The dresses by Panoply are focused on glamour!  These gowns are red carpet ready!  You will certainly charm your admirers with the gorgeous, intricate beading in a variety of patterned shimmer!  The bead work makes you shine from any angle!  Different silhouettes will allow you to flatter your figure to perfection!  Two-piece sleek and straight gowns will have you looking chic!  Tiered fit-and-flares are made for a fun time!  Ball gowns are sure to make you feel and look like a princess! However, the fully beaded gowns are the ones that will make your entrance unforgettable.

To say the upcoming 2018 Spring Collection by Panoply is glamorous and magnificent may be an understatement!  The new colors are guaranteed to make you stand out!  Fully sequined and beaded dresses will make you shine in the spotlight!  Textured gowns will show off your trendy side!  So, why not dare to be the fashionista for your special event!

Panoply has the perfect dress for you and your event!  Everything you want from bling to rich glamorous styles, you name it the prom 2018 collection has it all!   Be sure to check out the new 2018 Spring Collection by Panoply…you will not be disappointed!

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