Sherri Hill and the Signature Shades

When shoppingSherri Hill 50780 for a prom dress, pageant gown, or winter formal style one of the most important elements for which to look is color.  Of course, the color of your gown has to compliment your skin tone, hair color, and your personal preference!  As shoppers enter the retail shops, they gravitate towards reds, blacks, and royal blues mostly.  Those three colors are the three most worn hues of all prom goers.  While those three tones are always stunning, there are tons of other options that will help you accent your natural glow, as well as stand out in the crowd.

Sherri Hill seems to always comes up with the most gorgeous color combinations.  She makes tons of dresses and uses a wide spectrum of color schemes, but there are always a few colors that stand out to us.  This time around, Sherri Hill used a combination of many different colors in her vintage floral prints.  One of our favorite color combos is navy and deep fuchsia, which will  follow perfectly into the homecoming season.  She uses both of these stunning hues in one of her print designs, shown off in 50780 and 50791.  50812-blue-2These two colors make the perfect pair on a prom dress, homecoming dress, or winter formal design!  They balance each other out beautifully!  Sherri Hill does not just use navy and fuchsia on her print designs, she also produces multiple different solid styles in fuchsia and navy as well as many in deep teal, such as 50812.  All three colors are not tones that we typically see girls looking for when they prom shop; but they totally should!  These colors are rising in popularity and it will not be long before everyone is looking for a dress in one of those shades!

A couple of other big colors for Sherri Hill are blush and nude. Sometimes these two colors can appear to be similar shades but they are very different. 51215-beige-1Sherri Hill has designed tons of different styles in both colors. Nude is another color we do not see often, many people try to avoid it at all costs; this should not be the case! Most of the time nude looks best on those with a darker complexion and sometimes darker hair color. Sherri Hill’s nude designs are absolutely gorgeous.  51215 is one of Sherri’s nude dresses and it is a must see! This  halter mermaid silhouette dress has a bodice accented with lots of beading in the same hue as the dress. If you need something a little brighter, blush may be the way to go!  Amazing lace and two piece style 50877 is a soft blush color and is so unique! This bell sleeve dress will give you a little more color since it is in the softer pink shade and so beautiful with delicate lace accenting the bodice.

Overall, Sherri Hill is always ahead of the game when it comes to color. These colors are a huge hit this season and their popularity will only continue to grow into next! Make sure you find the perfect color for you and your taste before you decide on a dress!

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