Sherri Hill Ready for Prom 2012

For Sherri Hill to let out the secrets of her 2012 collection would only be to compromise the cutting edge designs that we have come to expect over the past few years. However, there are clues that can be taken from the fantastic fall/homecoming designs that will soon be available in our retail stores.

The over the top “bling” is still (and always will be) a part of what we have come to expect from a top pageant designer and once again Sherri delivers the wow factor. She always knows how to make a dress stand out by being perfectly hued or stoned to catch every ray of light available. With this knowledge she set in to motion the large silver mirror beading that was the key part to the look of 1403. A sophisticated yet fun and flirty dress that sold faster than a retailer could stock.

Unique fabrication and design make the dress a Sherri Hill! And with that comes the dress that you stop, look at, think about, and then buy because it is perfect! From the return of sleeves, disco ball patterned paillettes sequins, lycra banding, metal mesh, and feathers you have an easy choice to make your entrance as jaw dropping as possible.

So we may not be able to show you the exact look you will be asking your authorized Sherri Hill and International Prom Retailer to see, but we can say from our experience and knowledge Sherri Hill will be a prom collection for 2012 that will be like no other. So get ready! A jaw dropping entrance will definitely be made by those who chose a Sherri Hill.

3 thoughts on “Sherri Hill Ready for Prom 2012

  1. Hannah Hutcheson

    When does the Sherri Hill Prom 2012 collection come out on her website?


    1. admin -

      Hi Hannah! We are working with Sherri to complete our merchandise mix as I write this reply. Thank you so much for you interest in the Sherri Hill Prom Dresses Collection. It appears Sherri Hill will release the Prom 2012 Collection around the middle of this month. Check back often, as the original target date was November 4th. We will certainly get the collection posted as soon as Sherri is finished designing for Prom 2012.



  2. yalda

    hello do u knwo when the fall collection 2012 comes out??


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