Signature Prom 2017 with Ellie Wilde

Embrace your “Wilde” side and check out the new collection from Ellie Wilde by Mon Cheri Prom! Prints fill this collection to bring a refreshing taste to the formal industry.  If there’s one detail you should know about Ellie Wilde prom dresses, it is FLORAL. This line is bursting with vibrant floral patterns that will have you wanting them all!  These are not the typical florals we are used to viewing; they are so stunning that you will make a grand entrance wherever you go!  ellie-wilde-night-shot-160623The pattern we see the most is the stunning Ellie Wilde Signature print, a dark purple base that is complemented with shades of green, yellow, red, coral, and blue hues.   Ellie Wilde produced six different styles out of this one pattern print, when have you ever heard of that?!  This foral fabrication will be flying off the racks this season, along with all of the other “Wilde” looks!

Watch out prom designers, Ellie Wilde is the newbie and she is coming in full force.  Ellie Wilde has brought a breath of fresh air to prom shoppers this year and we cannot wait to see this popularity sky-rocket!  This floral-rich collection doesn’t just stop with the floral prints; embroidery plays a huge role, too. If you aren’t all about the silky-flowered look, Ellie Wilde has you covered.  This array of florals includes multiple pieces that incorporate embroidery. These embroidered gowns display an interesting take on patterns that we do not see very often. Regardless of what kind of pattern you go for, Ellie Wilde has it all! Every dress gorgeously crafted to perfection, just for you!

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