The Bold Obsession with Tony Bowls

tony-bowls-tb117399_1The Tony Bowls obsession comes from the many different approached to prom and pageant dress designs he has created for the 2017 prom season.  Wearing a Tony Bowls prom dress can make a bold statement and allow your personality to shine through.  Prom is your special event but who says your prom dress has to be unimaginative?  The solid vibrant hues of course are brilliant and gorgeous but edgy designs and print prom dresses are a fun alternative for anybody that is wanting to add a little spice to their prom or formal night.   The versatility of the trendy Tony Bowls prom dresses are like wearing artwork.  Everyone is going to be talking about them.  There are always nay sayers but one thing is for sure, you will look fabulous in your favorite Tony Bowls design.

tony-bowls-tb117416So, why not start by stunning the crowd with one of Tony’s printed prom dresses.  Tony Bowls showcases bold flower prints featuring beautiful color combinations used to make each design a piece of wearable art.  The approach to design is so eye-catching that those around you will just have to take that second look.  Add in a form fitting crop top in solid vivid hues and  you will have a look that will wow even the hard core fashionista.  So, now go ahead and dance around in your perfect Tony Bowls prom 2017 print collection look, while your dress and you make a statement. Just let go, relax, and enjoy your special night while your dress and you become the center of attention at prom 2017 with the unique bold obsession of prints and a Tony Bowls prom dress!

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