Tis the Season for Holiday Fashion, Makeup, and Hair

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 2.45.42 PMThe holiday season is here! The excitement is overwhelming and the holiday spirit is all around! The holiday season brings so much yummy food, sweet treats, and of course, the most amazing outfits. Holiday inspired outfits are by far the best kind of outfit! They’re just so festive and fun! What’s your go-to clothing item this time of year?

Cooler weather means flannels, sweaters, and scarves. One of the best trends this time of year is skirts! You wouldn’t really think to wear a skirt when it’s chilly outside, but skirts make for the cutest outfits! Pair a high-waist plaid skirt with a simple button up or sweater, with tights and booties and you will be holiday perfection! If it’s freezing outside, add a chunky cardigan or a super cute peacoat and you are set! Sweaters are by far one of the best things to wear this time of year. They’re just so cozy and make for a simple, effortless look! Pair your favorite sweater with some jeans or leggings, throw on some boots and you have an easy but fashionable look. This season is bringing all things velvet. From velvet dresses, skirts, and tops, we love it all! A ruby red velvet top or emerald green velvet skirt, are so festive and trendy. t’s the best of both worlds! Lastly, the holiday staple everyone should have in their closet – plaid! Plaid skirts, shirts, dresses, and scarves really give you the holiday look! Throw on a blanket scarf with your favorite outfit or dress and you’re immediately cozy and festive. Plaid skirts and dresses are the perfect piece to wear to a holiday party. Dress is up or down, you really cannot go wrong!Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 2.55.10 PM

When you find the perfect holiday outfit, you have to have the perfect makeup to go with it! This time of year means you can break out the bright red lips or deeper red lips everyday! Or go with a more neutral brown or even a dark plum lip. All of these color options are perfect for the season and will go gorgeously with your outfit! As far as eye makeup goes, the smoky eye is always in style! A little tan/gold and brown with winged eyeliner is a go-to! If you want to spice it up a little, add some gold sparkles or glitter to really amp up the holiday spirit.

Hair styles depend on the outfit, for sure! If you are wearing a big scarf, or turtleneck of some kind, a messy bun is so effortlessly gorgeous! Or some subtle, simple loose waves will be perfect, too! Any hair style goes, so have no fear! So, get out there and put together an amazing look! Happy Holidays!

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