Trendy Florals and Solids by Zoey Grey

We know that Zoey Grey is all about the lace. They have some of the most gorgeous lace looks that I have ever seen! In addition to the lace, they are also experts with beadwork; well, what if I told you there were more talents? Crazy, I know; but Zoey Grey has designed vibrant florals and glamorous gowns on the simpler side. Zoey Grey really does have it all! 

31074aEvery designer has some kind of floral design in their collection. Zoey Grey’s floral styles are out-of-this-world amazing! They are fun, vibrant, and trendy: everything you need in a prom dress! One of my fav florals is style #31065. This two piece mermaid has a white crop, accented with fuchsia florals. The solid fuchsia brings out the pattern and makes for a fabulous look! The pink floral trend continues with 31074. Also a two-piece, this a-line dress uses color blocking to bring out those lovely floral patterns on the skirt. This is a prom-perfect dress, it’s bright, it’s young, and it’s so much fun!

Red roses also play a huge role in the current Zoey Grey line. 31064 has a bright red crop, with a white mermaid skirt. The skirt is printed with red rose bundles that create a classic look. If two-piece is not what you are looking for, 31041 is a sleek mermaid that will complement all your curves! The black dress embellished with a red floral print is just a look that cannot be beat! Another one of my top picks is 30960. This is such a captivating look, the satin bodice and floral a-line skirt are killer! The back is even better, the sheer illusion and beadwork add lots of detail to this dress!

Zoey Grey also c30950areates tons of styles that are more on the simple side. These looks lack beading but make up for it in fit and other details. A perfect example is style 30830. This red jersey does not have beadwork or patterns, it simply has cutouts. The cutouts across the bodice give this dress all the detail that it needs. Another glamorous look is
30950; this long sleeve jersey is all about the fit! The dress is embellished with a thin beaded belt across the waist band, and is topped off with a high slit. This dress does not need extra embellishment, the fit speaks volumes!

Zoey Grey has mastered all kinds of dresses. Their designs are fabulous, no matter the style. That is truly remarkable! These are just a few more of the options you have with Zoey Grey. Search through their online catalog yourself and find the dress of your dreams!

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