Art Deco Collection by Alyce Paris

Deco the “Style Moderne” also referred to as Art Deco, continues to emerge through this modern era.   Most of the time, Art Deco is seen in decorative and architectural ways.  That is not the case this time, Alyce Paris has incorporated Art Deco in multiple designs and they are truly magnificent.

alyce-paris-2602You may be wondering, what is Art Deco?  Well, Art Deco is the use of geometric figures, clean shapes, often with a “streamlined” look.  These designs are considered to be flooding with simplicity and symmetry to create a look like no other.

Head Alyce Paris designer Claudine Hamm incorporates Art Deco characteristics in numerous designs, making this collection a stand out for prom 2017.  Most notably, this modernized take on design is seen often in the Bodycon collection by Alyce. The collection is focused on getting rid of the extra that overpowers the dress to exquisitely show off your body. The Art Deco comes into effect mostly with illusion cut outs. This simply means the cut outs that have layers of mesh to keep the dress still attached and not expose like an open cut out. Most of these design elements display triangle shapes, and rectangle patterns. It does not just have to be illusions; the real cutouts also display Art Deco shapes to keep the modern feel.

alyce-paris-2632Beading creates just as much or an Art Deco theme as the cutouts due to embellishments arranged to make the design symmetrical.  All of the beading lines up to create a pattern and meet a formed symmetry somewhere on the dress.  Alyce Paris uses beading variations beautifully to create stunning designs that will catch every eye!

While you may think that Art Deco and formal wear do not go together, designers have been using this modern technique for decades. From cutouts, to beading, to lace, or necklines; anything can hold an aspect of Art Deco. Art Deco helps make these dresses more interesting and refreshing; the two things that every girl hopes for in a formal gown.

So, edge up your look with the “style moderne” look for prom 2017.  Add some shimmer, shine and a look that will leave them speechless with the unique style of Alyce Paris.

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