Accessorize Your Prom Look with the Perfect Nail Color

Accessories are one of the most important parts of your prom look. A bright shoe can make a previously understated color pop; earrings and a bracelet can take your look from blah to beautiful in a few seconds! But, some girls don’t even think about their nails! Nail color is one of the best way to tie your look together. Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan your prom mani/pedi. French tips are a safe bet. White French tips go with almost every look, that’s why they are so popular. If you are going for a classic prom look or your dress is a difficult color to match, you may consider French tips to keep everything classy and clean. Metallics are trendy and a good look if you have a solid dress with minimal beading! One of the most recent nail trends is a mirrored metallic look; it’s bold and super fun. If you have a solid red gown, try pairing silver jewelry and silver nails. It will make up for the lack of beading on your gown and you will look so chic! Don’t be afraid to go monochromatic! Some girls are scared to have hot pink nails if their dress is also hot pink. It is a really modern look, but you have to be sure of the hue! If the color on your nails is a different shade than your dress, your whole look will be off! Be sure to take a picture of your dress in direct light and take it to the nail salon with you if you’re trying this look. Your nails are just as important as the rest of your jewelry and your hairstyle so think about the look you are going for when deciding on your color!