Stunning Velvet Styles from Alyce Paris

Alyce Paris has released some seriously gorgeous gowns that play up one of the biggest trends of this year. Velvet has been around for forever, and was ultra popular in the 80s (maybe your mom remembers this trend), but it has recently come back into style and we are LOVING it. Velvet is one of those materials that looks so elegant, but can be worn several different ways; not to mention that it is oh so soft and comfortable!! If you’re looking for something different and trendy, check out these stunning gowns from Alyce Paris! We love style KP105 from the new Kalani Hilliker line. This line is meant to bring the comfort of dance wear, since Kalani is a dancer, and the glamour of prom together. This gown has a deep V-neckline along with a trendy choker and a completely open back. The top half is entirely navy velvet (can you say STUNNING??), and the bottom flares into a ballgown. But this dress isn’t done yet. Underneath the first layer of the tulle skirt is a super sparkly layer; the second the lights hit this gown, you’ll be shining and sparkling! Style 60228 is one of our favorites! It’s a bold black mermaid gown, with a dramatic bottom. The top of the dress is form fitted, like a classic mermaid, and is completely velvet. Can you imagine how comfy?! Just above the knee, a shiny tulle flares out creating gorgeous contrast that still flows perfectly. This gown is elegant and striking-- it could be worn to prom or on the red carpet, your choice! Another one of our favorites is also from the Kalani Hilliker line. Style KP104 is like something you’ve never seen before. The top is similar to KP105 with the navy velvet that we loved so much and a deep V, but there is a halter closure in place of the choker. The bottom is out of this world! The tulle ballgown is navy and white that blend together in sections. Silver sparkling stars sprawl across the entire skirt! It’s galactic and glam all in one! This trend looks like it’s here to stay, so it’s time to get some velvet in your closet! Velvet accessories like headbands and shoes are great options, but why not be bold and try velvet for prom?!