Rachel Allan Features Sassy Shorts

Every girl has wished that she had shorts built into her dress at least once. It totally ups the level comfort, but it doesn’t really do anything for fashion. Rachel Allen listened to every girl’s main dress complaint and solved the problem, and the best part is she did it in a fashionable way! These gowns have all the class of a dress, while showcasing the comfort of shorts. These are a few of our favorite unique Rachel Allan gowns! Style 6136 is a beautiful mikado fabric that is very similar to a romper! It has a V neck that attaches to a collar at the neckline- so trendy! It connects to black shorts with purple and green floral embroidery around the bottom. The dress aspect comes in with a skirt that attaches halfway around the waist. This dress is perfect if you want to make a statement! Style 6024 is definitely unlike any dress you’ve seen before! It is two pieces- the top piece acts as an overlay for the beaded shorts. The bodice is held together be illusion fabric and eccentric beadwork. The overlay piece has a split down the middle which exposes the super cute shorts under! The beadwork on the bodice, back and shorts, all coordinate to tie it all together! So, from the back it appears as a full a-line gown, but from the front it is a trendy, unique look! If two-piece is not really your speed, that is perfectly okay! Style 6072 is another that includes trendy shorts! This strapless look is basically a romper or body suit. It is form fitting and fades into shorts. The entire suit is beaded with a captivating pattern! This number also has an overlay. It can be detached, and has two high slits, so trendy! This look is so unique, you are sure to stand out from the rest of the crowd!