A Holiday Gift Guide for Your Girls

The holidays are just a few weeks away and we are so very excited! Do you have your holiday shopping finished or are you still in search of a few last minute gifts? If you are still marking things off your list, we are right there with you and we are here to help! We rounded up a few ideas to make a gift guide for you to finish off that shopping. These gifts are mostly for the ladies in your life; mom, sister, best friend, etc! 

Now we love a practical, yet cute gift because buying things for others that they will actually use is way more fulfilling than just grabbing something at Target for the sake of buying a gift. So, think about what they like or what they might need and go from there. We love this curling iron mat, its cute and sleek and the ladies in your life will be so grateful to lessen the risk of burning their counters or floors while getting ready. They are a small mat used for hot tools, no matter what they use! Another option would be these adorable acrylic jewelry holders. They are adorable and will help your gals keep their jewelry organized! 

For the younger gals in your life, little sisters, cousins, friends, etc maybe go for something a little tech savvy! Polaroid cameras are all the rage and are so much fun. They come in so many colors which are adorable, AND they print your photos right away. Another idea might be a small tripod so they can take photos with their friend group or record a new TikTok dance! Phone accessories are also a solid option. Phone cases, pop sockets, bluetooth speakers, etc are all items that will be a hit! 

This one is for the homebodies! Everyone likes to cozy up at home, so gifts like pajama sets, slippers or candles will be just what they need to curl up and relax. Another good idea would be home workout equipment for the fitness lover! A set of dumbbells, a yoga mat, or a foam roller would be easy and appreciated!