Autumn-Inspired Nails

Happy Tuesday, y’all! With the temperatures turning cooler, outfits getting cozier, and the leaves getting prettier, it is officially time to transition to a fall color palette for your nails! While we love neon, rainbows, and all the popping colors, we are dying to try out some more muted tones that will perfectly compliment our favorite sweaters! So, let’s dive in and find some fab new nail inspo that you can try at home or take with you to the salon!

It’s no secret that we love multi-colored nails. Getting each one a different color, while they all still complement one another is just so pretty!! We’ve seen a few Fall favorites in this trend, one of which includes: blush, white, rust, a lighter blush and a deep green -- so so pretty! If you want to go even more neutral, try out this color combo: black, white, taupe, almond, and deep gray. This will literally go with any outfit you have in your wardrobe this season!

One of our absolute favorite nail styles we found features shining solid polish on some nails, and matte with sparkles on the others -- they are such a dreamy pair! You can do this pairing with any color, but this one is a deep grey/brown hue on the solid nails and a pretty light mauve / nude on the others with confetti glitter to add a little shimmer. We are firm believers that adding glitter to anything makes it better, so why not spice up those nails!

Now that we have chatted about a few unique options for your nails, let’s look at a few solid colors that will be perfect for this pretty season! Deep mauve is always one of our go-tos. It is a more muted pink/nude tone that will easily go with anything you want to wear! Or, if you want to go darker, a deep plum or burgundy are also great solid options. When we get closer to Halloween, all black nails will have you feeling the spooky season vibes, too! The options with solid nails to celebrate fall are endless -- be sure to try out one or all of these and get in the pumpkin spice spirit!