Back to School Must-Haves

Hey, hey, August!! It’s officially back to school month - are you the eager type who is ready to get back to a routine or are you #summerforver?! Either way, school and responsibilities are on their way back and it is time to prep!! Look at this month as a clean slate for welcoming some positive vibes to perk up 2020!!

First things first, nothing makes you feel more ready for a new school year than a fresh back pack and some school supplies! A new backpack does wonders for making you feel prepared and it is so fun to pick one out. You can go with a classic that can fit everything you need and more, or go for a more trendy look! All the choices are yours!

New school supplies may not be exciting for everyone, but they definitely make you feel ready to get things done! Buying colorful pens always helps me to feel ready to take on a new class! Be sure to snag a few essentials before your first day, even if it is virtual!

Another thing that can be a game changer, is a planner! Planners are the best way to stay organized while you have several classes going on at once. You can keep up with your school work, extracurricular activities, plans with your friends, etc! It’s the best thing to have during busy seasons like this!