Be Trendy with Colors Dress

Everyone wants to wear the trendiest dresses to prom 2021, no one wants to be wearing something that doesn't stand out. This year there are so many fun trends, such as feathers, neon, sequins, ruffles, and bows. If you want the trendiest dresses, Colors has you covered.

Feathers are arguably one of the biggest trends for prom 2021. It is also one of our personal favorites this year. We love the feathers anywhere on the dress. The Colors Dress style 2405. This is a fitted one shoulder dress with feathers along the neckline. I personally love this dress because it is so elegant but also so fun at the same time. This dress comes in the colors light blue, black, and hot pink.

Next is the Colors Dress style 2600. This is a high-low dress but with a detachable skirt. I think that the sequins and the ruffles pair very well together. I also love that you can take the long skirt off and just have a fun short party dress. This dress comes in the colors black, light blue, rose gold, and champagne. 

Lastly is the classic black sequined dress. The Colors Dress style 2459 is the perfect sequined dress. It has a plunging neckline and a strappy back. This sequins is also textured to give it an extra pop. While the sequined dress is trending this year, it will never go out of style. Colors Dress has the trendiest looks!