Beach Bag Must-Haves

While it may still be Spring, it sure does feel like Summer! If you are anything like us you are dreaming of days floating around the pool and laying on the beach -- with that said, you have to be prepared with all of the best, most useful beach/pool bag essentials! Okay, so first things first, you have to find a cute bag that will hold everything you need! It can really be any bag, but straw bags are huge right now!

After you find your beach bag, start with the basics. Sunglasses, a cute towel, and sunscreen! Sunscreen will still let you get a tan, but will protect your skin! Always wear an SPF on your face especially, so you can keep your skin looking smooth! Another beauty must have for pool days is a hairbrush. There’s nothing worse than getting back home to have your hair in huge knots. So, toss a hairbrush in your beach bag to have on hand when you get out of the water. Add some leave-in conditioner or detangle spray to ease out those tangles, too!

In addition to sunglasses, you may also want to pack a hat for your day out in the sun. Whether it be a baseball cap, floppy hat, or anything in between - a hat will help to keep the sun out of your eyes. Now, as far as entertainment goes, maybe toss in a book or a magazine. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as laying in the sun with a good book or the latest scoop in your favorite magazine. Now that you have a better idea, snag all of your must-haves for your pool bag and get out there and enjoy the sunshine!