Beaded Beauties by Sherri Hill

When you think of prom, you think of all the sequins, glitter and sparkle. More importantly, the beadwork on dresses. If you want to make a statement at prom, you need a beaded Sherri Hill dress!

First up is the Sherri Hill style 54114. This is the classic beaded dress. It is fully beaded and it is sure to turn heads. The deep cute neckline and the slit make this dress even sassier than it already is. Not to mention the corset back, no dress is complete without a strappy back! This dress also comes in the colors silver, navy, black, gold, burgundy, and candy pink.

Up next is the Sherri Hill style 52454. This dress has a different twist on the classic fully beaded dress. This dress has a fun design from the bodice to the skirt. The beading can either be the same color as the dress, or a different color that makes it stand out more. I love the scoop neckline on this dress, it compliments the beadwork very well. This dress also comes in the colors aqua light pink, ivory, nude ivory, coral white, lilac ivory, black ivory, yellow ivory, and periwinkle ivory. 

Last but not least is the Sherri Hill style 53916. This is such a fun dress. It has beautiful beadwork on the entirety of the dress. The fun design on the top piece of the dress even goes down the sleeves, and the skirt has a gorgeous design as well. This dress also comes in the colors yellow ivory silver, and gold coral. If you want a beautiful beaded dress, Sherri Hill is the designer for you!