Beautiful Patterns from Rachel Allan

    Not all dresses have to be simple, it's always good to have a fun patterned dress! These dresses are sure to make a statement at prom! Rachel Allan has the cutest patterns around!

    First up is the Rachel Allan style 70002. This is a fitted fully beaded dress with a pattern on the entirety of the dress. The multicolored pattern really makes this dress fun. Not to mention the scalloped neckline and bottom. The back of the dress is also very strappy. This dress also comes in the colors pink multi and white multi. 

    Next is the Rachel Allan style 70040. This one shoulder stunner is a fully beaded dress as well. It has floral beadwork starting from the shoulder and leading into the slit and it is also down the sleeve. The multicolored floral beading looks so great with the navy dress. This dress will definitely make a statement at prom. It also comes in black multi.


    Last but not least is the Rachel Allan style 70126. This fitted sequined dress is one of a kind. It has a fun multicolored stripe pattern on the entirety of the dress. I love this dress because of all the different colors of green. If you want to turn heads at prom, this dress will definitely do the trick. If you want a beautiful patterned dress, Rachel Allan is the designer for you!