Beauty Must-Haves

This crazy time has given us all a little more down time to get our self care routine in check! With that being said, there are several hair care items that we have come to know as must-haves!

First things first - a good hair brush! The kind of hair brush you use is super important. It needs to be a gentle one, so that you can prevent breakage and keep your hair strong! There are several great options out there so just do some research! Be sure to grab one that would be safe on wet hair as well!

Hair ties are another important factor when it comes to haircare. Picking out great hair ties has more factors than one would think! You have to get some that are not going to hurt your head, pull your hair, and that will keep it in place! All the rage in the blogger world right now are these Gimme Beauty ones -- they are supposed to be the best! But we also love a simple scrunchy to keep your hair back!

Another hair care favorite is a hair-wrap towel! Spin up your hair after a fresh wash into the towel and it will hold it well in the meantime before you decide to dry it! It also helps to get some of the water out of your hair so that drying is quicker and easier! Who doesn’t want to shorten the time they have to spend drying your hair?! These few things can be total game changers when it comes to taking care of your hair, which you should totally prioritize! After all, it is the crown you never take off!