Black Friday Shopping Guide

Hey hey, Black Friday! Are you ready to shop till you drop? Black Friday is the official kick off to holiday shopping, and we are so excited! We love getting to look through online and paper ads to find the best deals from our favorite stores. The best way to go about Black Friday is to have a plan! Here’s a few shopping tips to help you make the most of your day. 

First things first - have a plan! Make a list of what you are looking for, who you are shopping for and what your budget is. Next, figure out what stores you are wanting to go to in person, what time they open, and the order you will go to each place. A solid map of your day will help you be efficient and go everywhere you want to shop. 

Next, don’t go alone! Grab your girl gang, your mom or whoever else and make a day of it. There may be big crowds and long lines, so having a shopping companion can only be beneficial. They can be your entertainment while waiting your turn, or a shopping partner to divide and conquer the store and check items off your list. 

If you are not feeling like braving the crowds, just shop online! Many retailers will have the same sales online and will often put their black friday advertisement out early in the week. Just make sure to snag what you are after quickly to avoid missing out on the best prices!